Accomplished My Mini Goal, Reward Short Shorts


I finally met my goal of 200lbs. Yeah I know it's still big but I feel a lot better and my clothes fit better. I know I have a long way to go but 30lbs and 50lbs to go. I really want to get to a size 10 and dream to be an 8 again. But I have to focus on the mini goals or I will be overwhelmed.

My Mom moved up last weekend and she's actually been helping me and I've been helping her. I'm glad she's motivated. We both have been in a rut and our weight shows it. But we started grocery shopping together to stay with on track, walk around more, and even worked out with our friend, @bappletree . I realized I never seen her work out except for tennis but she actually did great! I was nervous she would be afraid of the machines but she hopped right on there. Weight machines, bikes, got on the floor for abs. She really pushed herself and that was so inspirational. 

So now the next goal is 190. I would say 175 but that's overwhelming. But the main thing is for me and Mom to get our bodies moving. That's our focus right now and our reward will just to feel better and better.

A Black Unicorn