Every Little Step I Take


Damn Gina, it takes forever to get to 10,000 steps! I haven't been able to do it ever since I bought my Fitbit but today I was focused. We have been having a lot of work/repairs on the house and I felt mentally exhausted. It's fun but it takes mentally energy to manage multiple contractors while working full time. Working out was put on the back burner but when I put my bra on, the actual fat on my back was a reminder that it needs to be burned. 

So today I walked more but I had to be creative. I asked someone if we could do a walking meeting and grab a cup of coffee. I had a boss that did it and I thought I'd give it a try. It was actually good because I was able to get 30 minutes of walking in. I took a few calls and instead of sitting I started pacing. This was harder because I needed my computer but it worked out. Finally I walked  Jackie Brown. She needed it as much as I did but I cut it short because I was tired from work.   

When I got home I still didn't reach my goal but a quick trip to Home Depot made it happen. 

 Lessons Learned:

 -I need to get up earlier. Now that the weather is better I need to try and walk the dog twice a day when possible. This will help get the weight off both of us!

 -The Fitbit helps. Betty Draper told me to get one a long time ago and I fought against it but what is measured gets managed...or is it done? Either way I need to measure. Even though my days are busy, it is clear my body isn't reflecting it.

-Accessorize. I didn't like the Fitbit at first but when the Alta came out it became more practical with the watch and messaging. Also, switching out the band makes me want to wear it. 

 -Don't be overwhelmed by the features. I actually had to stop looking at the app. Sometimes I log my workouts but mentally I can't manage and right now I need to just focus on the steps.

A Black Unicorn