Even My Dog Is On The Chunky Side


We had to take our dog, Jackie Brown, to the vet today as she had an issue with her eye. When she got on the scale we noticed she gained 8lbs! When haven't changed her diet, maybe a few more treats here and there, but nothing crazy. 

Last month she had kennel cough even though her shots are up to date. When her medication was prescribed the doctor told us she couldn't do strenuous exercises. Hmm...for some reason I took that as an excuse and applied it to myself as well. I did work out twice with friends last week but I know that's not enough.

During this second visit to the vet, she the said, "Ooh, she is a little chunky." What did you say to me? Oh you are talking about the dog. But again I applied it to myself. 

So Jackie Brown and I will be going on more walks and runs to the park to get this weight off. So a "little chunky" won't apply to either of us.

A Black Unicorn