How My Last Trip to La La Land Made Me Face Reality


Last weekend I was in LA visiting friends and family. Normally I have fun visiting all my friends as they take me to the newest restaurants or latest cool thing to do. Well, we are getting older now and ended up at our usual spots which I was totally ok with. I did meet up with a couple of friends at Echo Park and had a lovely stroll.  


Normally I feel recharged after a visit but when I hit the road back home I felt drained.  What made this trip so different? I realized how much more I cared about my appearance and what people thought about my natural hair, how I needed to lose more weight, wishing my skin was clearer, caring about what I wear, and driving by all the cool restaurants and having the fear of missing out on the latest cool thing in LA and regretting leaving.

But then we start talking about how expensive everything is and how they need to balance that with having kids now.  Instead of the hottest restaurants we talked about Measure S (moratorium on spot planning), housing prices, driving distances, jobs…the same things I talk about up here. So it definitely didn't feel like a getaway and more of a reminder of why I left. Even though it's no breeze to live up here with its housing prices, traffic, and working style, I've carved a life up here and everyone is trying do the same thing. So even though I miss LA, everyone is doing their own thing anyway so I might as well learn to be happy where I am.