Photos Don't Lie


Yeah I still don't have this selfie thing down. I really don't know how to do it and don't really care. Anyways, I ran into a friend and she said, "Hey, you haven't posted in a while! What's up?" Wow! Thanks for reading! I've been focused on civic engagement, work, fixing up the place, and trying to work out. But it's time for a check-in. Well folks, I've lost 20lbs (206) but I'm behind my goal of being under 200 again. I know why, I'm doing that oh I'm losing weight I'm just going to eat a little bit of this and little bit of that...but I'm catching myself this time. 

I met up with @dymeetworld last week and I felt good because I could fit into my old Joe's jeans again (so do I get free jeans now?). But then I had pizza and cider and saw the photos. I was bloated like a whale! It happens that fast. That's some BS, so I just got back to it the next day with my salad. I sent a text my friend to prove that I've been on it and that picture was not accurate! She agreed and said I earned that night of gluttony. Afterwards we went to a dance club and I got in for free because the door man added me as his guest. Heyyyy, DON'T THINK I didn't mention that when I came home. Just a friendly reminder to my husband I still got it. But I know I can't get too comfortable because honestly photos don't lie.

A Black Unicorn