Betty Draper is Back!

Image Source: Bustle

Image Source: Bustle

"Have you been working out?" asks Betty Draper. I say yes but honestly not enough. BUT I HAVE. I met up with a few friends for pole dancing and barre but really I just been working out in front of the TV which isn't enough. And to make matters worse is that I've been cheating on my diet. It's so freaking hard! But my skin and body shows I've been cheating and slacking on my goals. 

1. I started to break out a little. Not like before but I feel like as soon as I have a little bit of sugar BAM! A whitehead comes up! Sugar is relentless. 

2. I've been tracking my progress and I'm supposed to be 204 by now and I'm 208. I realize it is important to track or I will just stop caring. I learned this on Revenge Body but I know it's totally obvious.

3. My husband reminds me that whenever I lose a little weight I start eating crap again and get back to where I started. I know, isn't he a sweetheart?! But it's true. I get kind of crazy. "Let's order pizza?", "I want In-n-Out", "Oh, I can have a little bit of dessert, no big deal." Ugh, it is a big deal. Those college days of eating whatever I want are over. Donzo. LITERALLY straight to my thighs.

4. I have a few clothes in my closet that are still too small or I still can't fit the pants I want in the stores I like to shop in. Even though every store is different, I still want to buy a decent pair of slacks or suit for work in a brand that I like. 

5. Sure I can fit a few of my old jeans but I actually want to be more comfortable in them. 

So it was good to see Mrs. Draper again because I needed the check in to keep going as I should be further along in my process. My next goal is to be under 200lbs and that's all I'm focusing on for now. I started booking classes with friends again. So I will we back in action!