I Earned This Lululemon Bag


I remember walking into Lululemon a few years ago and thinking  Ooh this is cute...oh they don't sell my size. They are overpriced anyway! But I'm not going to front, I really like their clothes. My excuse for not working out was that I would have to change clothes. But now I have to wear workout clothes especially on the weekends. I have to embrace athleisure not because it is trendy but it's easier for my new lifestyle. I remember wearing a gross t-shirt (free) to the gym and I saw this dude staring at my boobs. I thought it was because I had double Ds and the gym was a meat factory. But I looked down and saw I had an old coffee stain that didn't come out when I washed the night before...Ever since then I told myself to always make an effort even if you don't feel like it but with the weight gained I stopped caring.

My Liz Lemon friend said to me once, "You REALLY go casual on the weekends." I knew what that ish meant but I didn't care. It's because my jeans don't fit me and my t-shirt and maxi dresses hide my rolls. 

When I was at Core Power Yoga, everyone looked good. Sure they had great bodies but their workout clothes weren't gross either. So I'm getting back on that workout horse and spending a little money on myself so I can feel good working out. Because when you look good you feel good. But now almost 10lbs lighter I feel good and now I can fit Lululemon's loose fitting tops which is something I couldn't say before.