Why It's A Big Deal Beyoncé Lost Album of the Year

Image Source: Billboard  

Image Source: Billboard  

The last black woman who won album of the year at the Grammys was Lauryn Hill back in 1999. So you are telling me there have been no black women that earned this in 20 years? Including Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey...

I like Adele but she sounds like any black church choir lead singing on a Sunday. It is a reminder we have to do 10 times more to be recognized. Sing, dance, tour nonstop, perform while pregnant twins, have feature length videos, sing all our drama and business so you can feel connected, and it's still not enough.  As soon as we sing our experience it's not pop enough but we can have the "urban" category. A reminder there is "Negro Day" on the last Thursday on The Corny Collins Show.

But when an academy doesn't recognize Marvin Gaye's What's Going On? I already don't trust them. This academy wants easy listening but the truth isn't easy to listen to when you don't understand the struggle.

So Stacey Dash, this is why we have BET, Image, and Soul Train Awards, because without them we would always feel second best.