Made Myself a Lunch Date with a Nutritionist

My primary doctor recommended I see a nutritionist. I was so confused by recommendations from friends and surfing the internet I just needed someone to simplify it for me. The nutritionist was great because even though you can tell she's heard all these questions a million times she knew what to recommend and more importantly asked what I liked to eat. When she recommended something she asked if I liked it and when I said no she said, "Well, it's not healthy if you won't eat it so let's find something else." Even though she sent me a ton of notes I didn't feel overwhelmed. 

So here are Cliff's notes from my visit based on my questions: 

  • Gluten free diet is for people who suffer celiac disease which most people don't have. So watch out of the "products" that advertise this because they have a ton of other stuff in it that isn't good for you. 
  • There no specific foods linked to breakouts. However, high amounts of sugar are linked to acne. (DARN SUGAR!)
  • Don't be scared of fruit! You should eat a rainbow not just bananas and green apples. 
  • Green drinks are ok but it is better to chew your food for glucose levels. Smoothies should have raw fruits only. Fruit juice is never ok because it is striped of all good fiber that burns off sugar. 
  • Yogurt is ok. Only plain yogurt, nothing added. The flavored stuff has a ton of sugar.  
  • Oatmeal is ok but steel cut only with raw fruit and/or 100% chocolate.
  • 30g of protein per eating session is ok. People think they don't have enough protein but protein deficiency is rare. 
  • Cut down on animal fat, including cheese :(. More fruits and veggies!
  • Fad diets crack her up. Some foods are on the no list when they are also others' yes list. Just eat more fruits and vegetables, 3-5 servings a day.

Also, work out 5 hours a week and lose 10% of weight to get break out of that prediabetic status. I'm down 10lbs but need 13 to go. I know a lot of this seems obvious but it's easy to lose track with all the temptation and bad advice out there. The main thing is that I need to keep the sugar at bay to get back to BAE!