This is Not A Sexy Selfie But A Public Service Announcement


I noticed these changes on my neck and thought it was part of my genes or me just getting older. When the doctor examined my neck she said it was a warning sign for people of color that they are overweight and a result of being pre-diabetic or diabetic. 

When I was at 250 I would try to detract and wear huge necklaces thinking it would make me look smaller but when I moved to the Silicon Valley that didn't fly. It was way too distracting for the office and I would get back-handed compliments. Now that I'm in East Bay I may bring some LA flair back but honestly less is more. Actually I started wearing the same thing all the time. Not that I'm Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs but mainly because it's less decision-making in the morning. I just run out the door. Getting a pair of earrings on is making an effort nowadays.

I noticed that clothes have a way of making you listen to your body. Me wearing bigger necklaces, bigger earrings, more expensive handbags, open front cardigans, and flashy shoes were all attempts to divert attention away from my weight gain. Instead of managing my weight and fitting into my jeans, I just bought new jeans...even worse stopped wearing jeans. So I've been connecting my weight loss goals to rewards. One thing a trainer told me to do is to envision what you would wear once you've lost weight. For me it's not a bikini, it never was, but for me to wear my old jeans and delicate necklaces not for fashion but for my mental and physical health.