I Survived SoulCycle


I wanted to get a fancy photo but this is all I could manage because it was so packed! It was pouring rain all morning I honestly couldn't believe I actually showed up. But it was a date with my girlfriend who I hadn't seen since after college! We always tried to meet up but could never make it work. I told her I wanted to lose weight so trying to kill two birds with one stone I wanted reconnect with local friends, since she moved to SF, with working out. I told her I always wanted to do SoulCycle but was always too scared. She encouraged me to go and already booked a bike so I had no chance to back out. She was super excited but I was only excited to see her. 

I've done spinning before and hated it. I had a girlfriend encouraged me to go when I first started gaining weight. I hated it so much. It was awful and painful. The classes were too long for me, especially when combined with yoga afterwards. I literally cried in class when the instructor corrected me during child's pose. So embarrassing!

But as these classes became more popular I knew it was for a reason. There is no way I would get that same intensity me riding a bike at the gym. Plus people who do it have fantastic bodies.

So I'm giving it another go and I realize the music is much better. Songs I recognize and can sing along to,  it's dark, the bike seat is a little better, and it's only 45 minutes! Don't get me wrong, it was still hard as hell. I'm sweating, glad I didn't flat iron my hair, my butt hurts, and I never drank a bottle of water so fast in my life. But the time went by super fast. I will definitely go back but at $30 a pop I'm going to have to pace myself and rock out harder on the bike at my local gym. 

My girlfriend and I decided to workout at least once a month, that way I won't get burnt out hauling to SF and it will motivate to see her and take care of myself. 

I've been told I need to show more photos of myself so here is one when I got home after class.