"Just When I Think I'm Out..."


...the dentist pull me back in. It took me a year to pay off my dentist last time. Like the mob. So I didn't go for a few years. Well, I'm getting hit hard this time. My treatment plan must bad because they said they are going to review then email it to me instead.

When I first arrived I was super excited. The place looks modern but not too pretty because it was in a shopping center but it's legit. I was proud of myself because I was following through with my commitment to self-care as part of my balance chart. As soon as I started my x-rays I felt the weight on me and I not just because they were doing x-rays. Even though the office was designed to be a comforting environment with a Roku and cute decor I started feeling the pressure of me having to pay for my teeth. I also started thinking about all the other stuff I have to pay for like my cracked windshield, and new dryer, student loans… 

When the hygienist started cleaning my teeth I started feeling better.  I asked about whitening and he said I didn't need it and noticed my bright smile which made me feel better. But he said I have a whole bunch other stuff going on which already knew but at least my front of my mouth looks pretty good healthwise. After he was done I could tell the difference.

Then the dentist comes in and I know it's bad news. When she was done I cried in my chair. She gave me a tissue and I totally felt her empathy. But she reminded me my mouth is a car that needs constant maintenance. She is right but now I have to pay the price of a car to restore my mouth to full health.

Instead of being stressed out about it I went to the gym, hit the bike, and read a magazine. I had to remind myself I need to take care of my whole body including my mind and manage stress through exercise. Reading Women's Health Magazine, I found a whole bunch of enlightening articles as well as inspiration for women who were in my same predicament of having life stress or weight management. It was a reminder there's always something and that it is a journey including pay my dental bill.