Happiness at Home

Today was a rough day at work but immediately when I get home I am reminded of all the good things in my life.  

For the past few years I asked myself, What will ultimately make me more happy? I talked this out with my husband as well. He always says, "more money", but when I ask him to drill down on why he gets annoyed. My boss did the same thing to me in terms of my career and I felt the same stress as my husband. But I'm glad he did because it forced me to focus and get details. Details create the steps to get to your next level. 

I used to always say, I just want to make money to pay my bills and student loans. Well, I had jobs that did that...but barely paid the bills and just would be sad when I got home. Thinking I started thinking in further detail. 

I want to feel happy when I'm at home. Well, how? I read Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project and Happier at Home.  a few years ago I thought it was a good read on her year journey to find happiness.  I actually retained a lot her "commandments" but the main one for me was accepting yourself and that included making my own commandments for home.

Try as much as possible not to bring work home. 
When I first started working from home I thought, Oh, man this is so great! But I actually missed a space I can concentrate and home to unwind. It's great for the environment though so I carved out a space where I could focus and know, this desk is the only place I will do work.  Once I had that disciplined I felt better about it but still prefer going to the office, call me old school.

Make my bathroom feel like I'm at a spa.
I know so "Property Brothers" cliche but it's true. When you are a woman especially you need space to feel like you had a mini-getaway to recharge. I don't need a bathroom renovation to do that either. I burn a candle from Anthropologie, I bought lavender body soap that smells like I'm at Burke Williams, I do facials, I have pretty towels, I play music...I'm definitely in my zone.

I want my place to be warm and cheery.
I love my husband but I wanted something I could care for. I always said I wanted a dog but I was too scared because I had family dogs and they were a lot of work. But I thought I have a husband now so he will help me with the load and I will get an older dog and not be blinded by the cute puppy face. I was so happy to find my 3 year old rescue. She was already house broken, doesn't really bark, doesn't beg at the table, and extremely affectionate. Meeting new people and walking in busy places are still challenging but she is getting better. 

"Do more of what you love."
I read that somewhere, most likely Pinterest because I'm obsessed. I liked that the word "more" is in there and NOT just "Do what you love" because that's ridiculous and not reality. I'm sure even Silicon Valley tycoons  have to do stuff they don't love in order to do what they love. I'm fortunate to feel like I do rewarding work for my job but happier I that I found what makes me happy when I get home. 

Admit that technology makes me happy. 
When I open this computer and not my work computer I know it's fun time. Whether watching a movie, surfing the world wide webssss, talking to friends, or blogging for fun, I'm immediately happy. I'm also not ashamed that I like watching TV. TV is a platform for creativity, can inspire, and allows me to escape. But this year I'm trying to balance because the computer and television can lead to dark places like comparisons, wanting more things, and not moving my body so I'm trying to limit but also do things like writing to exercise my brain as well.

Following my balance chart allowed me to go after more including coming home to this face...a bottle of Stella Rosa doesn't hurt either.