Dermatologist's Prescription for Dark Circles: "Get a good concealer and more sleep."

This past weekend I gave myself a new hairdo. I've been receiving a ton of compliments and finally I heard, "Miss" instead of "Ma'am". So no regrets here! This week I decided to focus on my skin. As part of my New Year's Resolutions, I visited my dermatologist instead of trusting the girls at Sephora who give me conflicting advice. I don't know why I torture myself in asking them what to do but I always hoped there was some new miracle product out there I just didn't know about that would be the magic bullet to get rid of all my problems. 

The only time I didn't have breakouts was when I was on Accutane. I feared if I got pregnant in the future there would be laden side effects that would affect the baby so I stopped.When I hit 30 I thought I would finally be done with it but it actually seemed like it got worse! I had it. So this morning I need to hear from a medical expert. 

The dermatologist had great skin and looked like Rose Byrne so I was hanging on to every word she said. I told her my health issues and she said I suffer from hormonal acne and some of my breakouts are due to my weight. Man, this is weight is really affecting every part of my body. I told her I tested for prediabetes but I'm doing my best to avoid full on-set. She said Metformin should help but recommended a variety of treatments including an antibiotic and Retin A. 

I took this opportunity to ask all my questions. I asked about laser treatments. She said they could work but because I still have active breakouts it's not worth the money. When I asked her if any eye creams or treatments work? Her response, "That's the $64,000 question." Well that's not a good sign. She said it's all about the genes and aging. So I can thank my mom for her cheekbones but my dark circles are not as welcome. But now they are part of me now so I have to accept them. Her solution? "Get a good concealer and more sleep." On that note, Goodnight!


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