Ashy Caramel: Me Without Lotion and Also My Hair Color

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to figure out what to do with my hair.  I used to go to beauty schools to save money but it was such a pain to go. You have to wait for an instructor to sign off on everything, students you like would graduate or not show that day, coloring was never done to my liking. Plus, I had to constantly reassure the students because they didn't build up their confidence yet. They also lacked tact. Instead of asking, "Are you interested in doing color?" they would ask, "Do you want me to cover up these gray hairs I see?" It was mentally draining. 

A lot salons that do black hair (not all) lack ambiance. Dated hair magazines, no drinks, building always needed maintenance, loud talking, loud TV...the environment just wasn't for me. On top of that, I had so many stylist take a lunch during my appointment. One stylist even asked me to buy her lunch! I was a teenager then and that was the last time I ever went to her. They always want to reschedule, they overbook, I can on. Shear Share can you assists with this?

Anyways, I moved on to blow out bars because of the flexiblity and the atmosphere. I would see the scared looks on their faces. Stylists are allocated only an hour no matter what type of hair you have. So my appointments were rushed and my hair would be pouffy at the roots because they didn't take their time. Even when I found a few people who could do my hair, it was hard getting on their schedule or they would call in sick. So I started wearing my hair natural more or doing it myself. But wearing it natural is time consuming and straightening is time consuming. I just needed a break.

I walked by this Marquee Salon in this cute development in Oakland and thought, This place so cool, I wish I could get my hair done at places like that. I booked a consultation, first asking, "Can they do black hair?". The receptionist put me on hold for a second then came back on and said, "Sure!" That's not a good sign but I trusted them and the consultation was free. I went in and met Andrea Beltran.

First off, she is gorgeous and the epitome of the effortlessly cool girl I would never be. After my consultation she gave me a recommendation but also said, this will also work with my natural hair. I've heard people tell me that before but I've always been ashamed of my hair but the past few years I have grown to accept and appreciate it. After I booked my appointment the receptionist whispered, "She does Ayesha Curry's hair", and I nearly pissed my pants. I love Ayesha Curry. I also thought, man this is going to be expensive but I'm an adult now and every dye job I've had has been horrible. Cheeto orange, brown you can barely see, too blond, you name it. When Andrea said I should be an "ashy caramel" my face lit up because not only would I describe that as me without lotion but that's the color I could never describe but always wanted. 

No make-up, don't care.

Thank you Andrea!