Super Stoked for Super Juiced

Even before my doctor's visit I knew I needed to take better care of myself. At my old office I had plenty of food options but the restaurants and cafes all beautiful and tasty pastries that would distract me from making good choices. When I check out these establishments they serve fake smoothies that are powdery, loaded with sugar, and veggies are no where to be found. But I kept trying and found Super Juiced in Old Oakland. When I walked in I was amazed on how airy and cheery it was. There are so much light coming in through the large windows, It is well designed and looks it is straight out of Apartment Therapy.

Every smoothie and juice I've had as been delicious. Verdolaga juice and Blue Moon smoothie are some of my favorites. I finally found a place with healthy options! I wish they would expand but this place is so cute I don't mind hanging around.