Case of the Mondays

Mondays are always really tough. A ton of meetings and work to catch up on from the previous week. Today I tried planning out my day but I was still ill-prepared for what lied ahead. In the morning I brought my protein bar and treated myself to Subrosa Coffee. I enjoyed the view of Temescal for two seconds before heading to the office.

I didn't even finish my coffee before my day started, which is normally the goal, but due to phone calls and work distractions it was impossible. My doctor said no matter what eat breakfast. I always knew it was the most important meal of the day but most times I just head out the door to get to work and worry about it later. That's when I would eat the bad stuff. But at least I ate my bar in the car while sitting in traffic so it was an ok start.

As Monday rolls on, I made sure to block my calendar at noon for lunch, WTF it's 12:30, I've been sitting for 4 hours?! I got pulled into another meeting and that's when I realized that's why I don't eat or walk enough. I had a 1:00pm and said to myself, I'm pushing this meeting back, I need to eat and walk for my health. I had to draw a line in the sand. So I told my colleague I need food and sent a new calendar invite. On Mondays many businesses are closed in my area which is a reminder why I need to pack my lunch. Luckily I was able to grab a salad at Arbor Cafe and headed back to the office.

Salad was ok but there was no cheese! The bread was stale which was a sign from God I shouldn't eat it anyway.  I wanted to workout but I read in The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin never works out on Mondays and I understand why, it's just too crazy. I did follow a few workout videos on YouTube before showering, something is better nothing. Once I relaxed a little bit on the couch and hung out with the dog I realized that Mondays do come to an end and I just need to get through it but make sure I pack my lunch!