Pilates at Anthropologie


I shop pretty much every weekend which is terrible. But most of the time it's a Target run so I don't really count that. But I do spend an unhealthy amount of time at Anthropologie. I used to work there for a long time so I think I miss the atmosphere and the camaraderie between the ladies. Anthropologie has always been my happy place. Between the music, candles, and of course the clothes nothing compares. I know they work very hard to provide this environment as each store has their own art department which is quite an investment for a specialty department store.

But instead of shopping, I signed up for their free Pilates class at Anthropologie & Co. In Palo Alto offered by Sayaka Pilates. I thought, oh it will be beginner level since it is offered to the public. Uh, I was so wrong! I know I'm out of shape but this was one of the hardest classes I've taken. But the instructor's body was bangin' so I tried to keep up. I'm glad I went so I know what to work towards. 

I had a great time and it reminded me of my favorite part of working there. Before the store was open I could enjoy the music while restocking and organizing. At the end they served mimosas and yogurt parfaits of course in mason jars on a cute display, so Anthro. Bonus, I was able to walk the store before opening which is what I missed most about working there.


I heard they may offer a free class once a month which would be awesome! The only downside was that people were taking photos the whole time we were working out. A fellow classmate said, "Well, I guess that's what happens when you take a free class..." Definitely next time I go I will wear cuter athleisure for the photos...