Killing My Cravings


During my first doctor's visit she measured my waist. While she was measuring I asked, "26?" She just laughed and told me I will get there one day. We went on talking and about what I need to do and before I left I asked what was my waist. I think she wanted me to not ask but keep in her records and she can print it out and I read later so she wouldn't hurt my feelings. But she responded "41." 41?! No wonder I can't fit my jeans. I've been resorting to elastic pencil skirts and 1 or 2 pair of pants for work. I always told myself, just stay out of the plus size stores (no offense). But now I'm close to it. 

I've been trying to figure out how I don't eat much but why do I eat the wrong things? I've noticed as soon as I am stressed at work or after work that's the time I "reward" myself with a cookie. If I travel long distance or sit in traffic I pull over to In-N-Out which isn't terrible except when you are big and want fries with that shake.

So I have find things to kill those cravings but also figure out a different reward system when dealing with stress.  It may not be food, it could be a cute outfit or even fit my old clothes. Maybe it's not clothes at all, even though I vow to only wear pants that fit me. Maybe it's a trip, massage at the spa, whatever it may be I will to figure to avoid another brownie binge.