Goodbye 2016, Your Trends Were Making Me Fat

Obviously trends didn't make me fat but 2016 for me was a very comfy year. A too comfy year. I was telling a girlfriend I need to stay away from S, M, L, XL clothes for work because I can't tell when I gain weight fast enough when I'm too comfy. Especially pants from New York and Company, great concept but terrible for your figure. I know I should say, "To hell with sizes!" But it's really more of a health issue for me versus vanity well who doesn't want to look their best?

I was so happy when harem pants came back in style because I thought finally something for my "thunder thighs" but they really didn't look great on me. I wear the sweatpants kind anyway for casual days because I need room. I will have to assess whether they look better baggy or if they have to go. 

Hoodies is a main staple in the Bay Area but I bought a baggy one from Target in classic grey and it really does look good with everything except I should buy it in my ideal size to avoid overeating. 

Oh Madewell, I love your store, I wish I could live in your store! But you sweaters are magical to the point wear I don't believe your sizes. There is no way I'm a Large in your store but somehow they fit me when I was a L, XL and pushing XXL in some stores. God I can't wait to get out of XL in every store again. 

Boots with a stacked heel are pretty much my daily shoe now. When I was thinner I could wear the pumps but now I have so much weight I'm too scared to wear them, plus for my job heels became impractical. But you know what boots are here to stay, I feel good in them no matter what.