Images Source: Pinterest

Images Source: Pinterest

I create a wishlist every year. My friends and family think it's cheesy but the power of visualization is real for me. I've wished for so many things, even though people thought it was beyond reach or unhealthy but I have been surprised. It's not about getting that exact thing but a goal for me to reach. You already know my goal of wanting to lose weight but it's all about balance.

I took a class on mindfulness a few years back and there was a chart with titles. The categories include the following: 

  • PETS
  • WORK

The class taught me if you have all these categories moving you will start to feel balance. I know seeing this it looks overwhelming but the chart is a simple way to remind yourself if one of these categories are in trouble you have the other categories to remind yourself what you are living for or to focus on. For example, I was down when I was laid off from my job. I was the kind of person that work was my everything because that's where I spent the majority of my time, I see co-workers more than family, and my source of income. But when it was gone I didn't know what to do with myself even though I had a fiancé, both parents were alive, etc. I took the mindfulness class to learn how to manage my stress and I'm glad I did. During that time I lost so much weight and took more classes to learn new things including new job seeking skills and reminded to access my network of friends. 

There are have been plenty of times where I had stressful events where I wished I learned about this chart but I'm glad I have it now when things come up. So instead of being down about my weight I'm happier more than ever even though everything in my life is not perfect because I have so many other things going on in my life to be grateful for.