10 Lies I Tell My Self When I Gain Weight and 10 Reasons to Lose It

Image Source: Model My Diet

Image Source: Model My Diet

I make this goal every year and it's hit or miss when I achieve it, you know the one...to lose weight. I've done everything set a target date and weight, make it an event, have skinny friends help (I would just snap at them), go to the gym (I hate the gym), personal trainers (expensive and stressful to meet them), everything you name it. I remember the last time I was really serious about losing weight it was for my wedding day. I refused to set the date until I was the "perfect" weight but my brother kindly reminded me I wasn't getting any younger and to get on with it. 

I actually did lose some weight and I'm glad I did it when I did because my husband I both lost a parent the same year a months after the wedding. The losses definitely affected me and I thought, "I can eat whatever because it doesn't matter". But now I'm getting angry so I guess it does matter. I had a rude person tried to guess my age and he guess 4 years older, random dudes feel more comfortable talking to me because I look "accessible", not like hot dudes, you know what I'm talking about. People tell me I look different. I know I look different you don't have to tell me. And my favorite is when people give me advice on how to lose weight and they are as big as me. Basically when you are bigger people catch a lot of crap. I'm down for being happy at whatever size and body positive but I'm definitely not healthy or happy.

10 Lies
1. My clothes feel small, I need to change detergents.
2. My wedding ring feels tight, I don't need to wear it anyway. 
3. No one is judging me on my looks. 
4. I don't have time to work out in the morning because I have to walk my dog.
5. I don't have time in the evening because I have to walk my dog.
6. I worked out because I walked my dog.
7. I don't miss my jeans, I prefer skirts and dresses anyway.
8. I'm too busy to hang out with friends and family.
9. I prefer to stay at home anyway.
10. My weight is not holding me back from opportunities.

10 Reasons to Lose
1. My family has a history of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
2. I will feel and look better in my clothes.
3. I can stop hiding from friends and family.
4. January is always a good month to reset goals.
5. I can buy/update my wardrobe.
6. I can wear my old clothes.
7. Even though I hate taking pictures anyway I will be slightly less annoyed when asked to be in one.
8. Less time focused on how look to allow me to focus on my goals and priorities.
9. I will feel comfortable going out more.
10. What if Idris Elba is cast as James Bond and I get some credit? (I'm serious) 

So I'm starting fresh again for 2017. I won't post before and after pictures, not brave enough to do that but will track my progress and post maybe afterwards so this unflattering simulator will have to do. But if Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig wants to support my efforts I'm down!