"Hidden Figures", Finally A Movie I Can See with Mom

Image Source: New York Times

Image Source: New York Times

One of the benefits of visiting LA is seeing select theater releases. I never see movies with my mom. We have completely different taste. My parents used to joke, "Oh remember, she doesn't like "black" movies" which isn't true at all. Love Jones, Boyz in the Hood, Friday...all classics.  So when she said, I want to see Hidden Figures and I said, "I'll see it with you" she was dumbfounded. There were many reasons why I wanted to see it with her: I didn't have to deal with the uncomfortable sex factor, she doesn't like too much cursing (even though she used to curse like a sailor when I was little), and it wasn't a comedy as we have very different tastes. But we meet in the middle with Family Feud and Seinfeld. I won't go into too much detail as you can look it up but it was refreshing to see a story that was actually positive. Stories about black females are finally getting told.

Of course with a Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer movie you are going to get a few Mm hmms in the "sister" tone, a few speeches about the struggle and showing the receipts of her qualifications but the movie is important. 

How beautiful it is to see us doing math, working on a computer, repairing cars, taking classes, attending meetings. The mundane becomes exciting because it is the work to push forward mankind into space but also pushes forward humankind to show we are just like everyone else. 

This movie was a definite crowd pleaser and I cried at the end not because I was sad but because there were so many other races in the crowd wanting to hear our story and the audience clapping at the end as we are no longer hidden.