ABU Revamp

When I first started this blog I wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on. Originally, I wanted to talk about my experience as a black woman living in Silicon Valley and use my platform to sell products. I would donate a percentage of the proceeds to go to nonprofits.

Original mission:

Our mission is to use social media and the sale of products to support nonprofit organizations that serve at-risk youth. 

But I became distracted by life circumstances: people were not buying products, I tried to document my experiences but I was running out of places I wanted to be or write about, my computer crashed, I moved, got a dog, changed jobs, but before all this change the worst day of my life happened...my dad died.

When you a lose someone close to you it makes you reevaluate everything. So I set some time aside to think about what I wanted to do and I revisited my definition of "A Black Unicorn":

An endangered species of black females threatened by stereotypes, violence, and economic conditions. However, magically defies society's expectations.

Instead of trying to running a store, blog, and networking with people I decided to take a break and just focus on my Instagram to promote positivity to combat the negativity I constantly see in social media and the news. Turns out that has been the easiest thing to do and the most fun. I realized I like to promote and make connections. I still want to do all these things and I vented to my friend about how Kim Kardashian can do all things and he reminded me she is rich, famous, and have a ton of people working for her. It was a good reminder to do what is within my capacity.

As I revamp here are the things that excite me:

  • My community 
  • Successful Black men and particularly Black women and how they give back to their community 
  • Urban planning 
  • Lifestyle 

So instead of focusing on myself and reporting on trends in Silicon Valley, I will celebrate diversity and support companies and organizations that address community needs. By support it may be writing about their efforts but could also be contributing donations or volunteering my time. 

I look forward to the journey.

A Black Unicorn